Perfect travel

Hey ppl! wazzup?!
Yep, I know, I've been without news some days, but here I am!
The other day was JB's Concert in Madrid, and it was one of the best days in my life, I met Ann Krauser for the first time face to face, I met new girls (they're freakin' amazing), I got a T-Shirt signed by JB, 'nd I enjoyed a lot! these days in Madrid I met Rocio Hysteria (my cousin) 'nd Laura Crazy! they're too special for me since I met them, so it has been so important for me :] I went to the 40's Show! I saw Angy, Adrián Lastra (Rocio's bro)..and so much people! And the best of the concert's the end of the show..he appeared there, he was there! (not JB -.- He was there, I mean, Fran *-*), I met him 3 years ago by internet, and we had never seen each other cuz we live so far away, and that day he appeared and we both were in shock, it was amazing! Here are some pics of this travel =P

JB's T-Shirt signed by him!

Concert pics! in the first line :]

Waiting for JB's Concert in the street with the girls <3

First day in Madrid, waiting for Rocio 'nd Laura in Plaza España :]

With Rocio & Laura in Urban Hotel [Madrid]

With Ann Krauser the night before the concert in the street <3

With the girls :]

Fran *-*

Fran *-*


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